Trump doubles down in the face of new classified documents reports

President Donald Trump is in the midst of controversies once again as new classified documents have surfaced, prompting him to double down on his previous actions. According to POLITICO, Trump claims that “everything I did was right” in response to the revelations made by the documents.

Meanwhile, MSNBC reports that if an audio recording exists, charges may soon be brought against the President. Andrew Weissman, a former top prosecutor, made the statement, saying that the “question of when there will be charges” is dependent on the existence of the recording.

In addition, a former attorney of Trump’s, Michael Cohen, claims that prosecutors have their “foot on his neck” when it comes to the obstruction case. Cohen was recently released from prison and has been vocal about his time working for Trump.

Trump, however, seems to be downplaying the legal threat posed by the secret papers recording at a Fox News town hall, as reported by The Independent. The President appears to be unfazed by the possibility of facing charges under the Espionage Act, as suggested by Paul Charlton, another former prosecutor, in a separate report by MSNBC.

Overall, the controversies surrounding Trump continue to dominate the news cycle and it remains to be seen how they will play out in the coming days and weeks. For now, the story is still developing and USNN offers a full coverage of the latest updates.