Trump’s Classified Document Defense Complicated by Newly Obtained Tapes

Trump caught on tape discussing classified documents, ex-lawyer predicts jail time

Former president Donald Trump and his legal team are under scrutiny following the release of a recording in which Trump allegedly discusses a classified document. The recording was obtained by investigators probing the unauthorized release of government documents.

In the recording, Trump can be heard referring to a supposed “secret memo” that he claims would exonerate him in the Russia investigation. However, Trump’s attorneys have stated that they have not been able to locate any such document.

The release of the recording has complicated Trump’s defense that he did not “knowingly or willfully” disclose classified information. The recording also contradicts Trump’s claim that he did not discuss any classified information with anyone.

Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who served prison time for his role in Trump’s hush money payments to women, predicted that Trump could face jail time if found guilty of unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

“This is the game over moment,” Cohen told MSNBC. “If they can prove that he knew that he was disclosing classified information, he is going to jail.”

The investigation into the unauthorized release of government documents is ongoing.