Trump’s fiery post-indictment speech: ‘They’re coming after you’ and hits campaign trail amid roiling 2024 race

President Trump delivered a fiery speech on Friday, just hours after a federal indictment was handed down to one of his former advisors. Speaking to a rally of his supporters, Trump warned that “they’re coming after you,” referring to what he sees as a concerted effort to undermine his presidency.

The president’s speech came as he and his allies have escalated their attacks on law enforcement, accusing the FBI and the Justice Department of bias and corruption. Trump is set to speak again on Saturday, in what will be one of his first public appearances since the indictment was announced.

Meanwhile, the indictment has also cast a shadow over the 2024 presidential race, with Trump hitting the campaign trail amid new speculation about his political future. Critics have accused the president of using the controversy to distract from the ongoing pandemic and economic turmoil.

The issue has also become a flashpoint within the Republican Party, with the North Carolina GOP convention serving as a stage for one of Trump’s first public appearances since the indictment. Speaking to a packed audience, the president attacked the indictment as a “joke,” prompting cheers and applause from his supporters.

As the controversy continues to play out, many are left wondering what impact it will have on the future of the president and the country as a whole.