UFC CEO White WORRIED Over PFL’s Bellator Acquisition: Is MMA Industry About to Change?

NEW YORK – The Professional Fighters League has made a major move in the world of MMA by acquiring Bellator, a move that has reportedly caught the attention of UFC CEO Dana White.

PFL founder Donn Davis believes that the acquisition of Bellator has raised concerns for White and the UFC. The deal gives PFL access to the entire roster of Bellator fighters, which has the potential to shake up the MMA industry. Davis mentioned on “The MMA Hour” that White’s increased comments on PFL in the last six months are a sign of his worries.

The merger between PFL and Bellator, two promotions that have long competed for the No. 2 spot in the industry behind UFC, has led Davis to believe that they are now “co-leaders” in the industry alongside the UFC.

Davis also pointed out the impressive metrics of the combined company, stating that 30% of the roster is ranked in the top 25 of Fight Matrix rankings, the only independent fighter ranking system. While the UFC still dominates the top five rankings and has a larger number of pay-per-view cards, PFL and Bellator are expected to offer high-quality cards for TV viewers.

The acquisition of Bellator by PFL has the potential to lead to major shifts in the MMA industry, challenging the dominance of the UFC. The move signifies a new era for both PFL and Bellator, as they position themselves as leaders in the industry. The implications of this acquisition could have far-reaching effects on the landscape of mixed martial arts.