Ukraine Braces for Possible Major Russian Offensive This Month

Ukraine is bracing for a potential major offensive by Russian forces later this month, according to the country’s defense minister.

The minister’s warning comes as Russia has been building up pressure along the front line between the two nations. The Wall Street Journal reported that Russia has been cutting off Ukrainian forces from the city of Bakhmut, and is sending in more troops and supplies to the region.

The Guardian reported that Ukraine is prepared to repel any offensive, with the defense minister saying that the country is ready to respond.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera English reported that the Ukrainian president has warned of a “very difficult situation” in the east of the country, and urged the government to be prepared for any possible Russian offensive.

The situation is being closely monitored by the international community, with the US and other countries expressing their support for Ukraine.

The full extent of the potential offensive is still unclear, but Ukraine is taking the threat seriously and is prepared to defend itself should it come to pass.