Ukraine Celebrates 1 Year of War Against Russia: A Look at India’s Unwavering Stance and Global Impact

Today marks one year since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Despite the ongoing conflict, Ukraine is defiantly commemorating the anniversary of the war and the ongoing struggle for independence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been preparing to seize more territory from Ukraine, but the country has remained firm in its stance against the invasion.

The war has had a significant impact on the energy world, with Russia attempting to use the conflict as a means to gain control of the region’s oil and gas reserves. However, these attempts have largely failed, leaving Russia with limited influence in the region.

India has also taken an unwavering stance in support of Ukraine, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterating his country’s commitment to the cause.

The Guardian has argued that the war in Ukraine is reshaping the world and that the conflict is likely to continue. With no end in sight, the international community must remain vigilant and continue to support Ukraine in its fight for independence.