Ukraine Demands Accountability for Devastating Kakhovka Dam Explosion Claimed by Russia

Drone footage of the collapsed Kakhovka dam in Ukraine has revealed the extent of the damage caused by what officials say was a Russian attack. The footage, exclusively obtained by the Associated Press, shows the devastation caused to the surrounding area, with flooded fields and destroyed buildings. However, the drone footage also showed no evidence to back up Russia’s claim that the dam collapsed due to “natural causes.”

Kyiv officials intercepted a call that allegedly showed Russia was responsible for the dam’s destruction. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyi has called for accountability and demanded Russia pay compensation for the damage caused.

The Guardian News released new drone footage on Thursday that showed the extent of the damage, with entire villages and farms submerged. The video also showed a massive crater in the dam’s structure, confirming officials’ claims that it was not a natural disaster.

CNN released an opinion piece calling for accountability in the disaster’s aftermath, stating that “the Ukraine dam disaster demands accountability,” and that Russia must take responsibility for the damage caused.

The Hill offered a different perspective, saying that the dam’s destruction showed that Russia’s military was on the back foot. The article suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin might be losing control of the situation in Ukraine and may be forced to pay compensation for the damage caused by the attack.

The collapse of the Kakhovka dam has caused widespread damage in Ukraine, with officials warning that it may take years to fully repair the damage caused. As tensions continue to escalate between Ukraine and Russia, the incident has further strained diplomatic relations between the two countries.