Ukraine launches long-awaited counter-offensive against Russia’s forces

Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russian forces is making progress as it inches forward on the front line. The long-awaited counter-offensive was launched after years of conflict between the two nations. According to reports from the BBC and NBC News, Ukrainian forces have been able to push back Russian troops in some areas.

The Ukrainian army has focused its efforts on the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where the separatist forces have been holding ground for several years. The BBC reports that Ukrainian troops have been able to take back several towns in the region, and that the Russian-backed forces are now on the defensive.

Despite the successes, the conflict is far from over. The Moscow Times reports that support for Putin’s war is still strong in the worst-hit regions of Russia. The news outlet cites economic hardship and propaganda as factors that have contributed to the ongoing support for the conflict.

International observers have called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, and the United Nations has been working to broker a ceasefire between the two nations. However, with tensions high and both sides showing little sign of backing down, it remains to be seen whether a peaceful solution can be found.