Uncovering Warren Buffett’s Investment Secrets: Stock Buybacks, Lessons on Portfolio Growth, and More

Legendary investor Warren Buffett has taken a strong stance against critics of stock buybacks in his annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. In the letter, he called those who oppose stock buybacks “economic illiterates”.

The letter comes at a time when Warren Buffett’s investing strategies are being closely examined by investors. Lee Munson, CIO of Portfolio Wealth Advisors, recently released a report outlining some of Buffett’s most important lessons on investing and portfolio growth.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Warren Buffett wannabes have lost luster as the stock market continues to be volatile.

Berkshire Hathaway reported an 8% drop in fourth-quarter operating earnings, but their cash hoard swelled to nearly $130 billion.

The Motley Fool has identified three stocks that investors should consider buying more of in February, based on Warren Buffett’s investing strategies.

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