United Airlines Loses Landing-Gear Wheel during Takeoff, Lands Safely in Denver – Second Incident This Year!

LOS ANGELES, CA – A United Airlines jet experienced a frightening incident during takeoff when one of its landing-gear wheels detached. Despite the unexpected situation, the flight was able to safely land in Denver, its scheduled destination. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries on board, United Airlines confirmed.

The airline acknowledged the incident and stated that the missing wheel had been located in Los Angeles. An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of this unusual occurrence. This was the second incident of its kind involving the airline this year, raising concerns about the safety of United Airlines flights.

The aircraft involved in this particular event was identified as a Boeing 757-200, dating back almost 30 years, and was carrying 174 passengers along with 7 crew members. Boeing stopped producing the 757 model in 2004, further emphasizing the age of the plane involved.

In a similar incident earlier in the year, a United Airlines flight bound for Japan experienced a mid-air tire loss shortly after departing from San Francisco. Miraculously, the plane managed to make a safe landing at Los Angeles International Airport, although the tire landed on a car in an airport employee parking lot, causing damage but no injuries.

These recent incidents involving United Airlines have raised questions about the airline’s safety protocols. In March alone, there were multiple incidents, including an emergency landing in Los Angeles due to hydraulic system issues and a flight veering off the taxiway during landing in Houston.

Furthermore, in a separate incident, a United Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in Houston after engine flames erupted mid-flight. The series of events involving United Airlines flights throughout the year have sparked concerns among passengers and the aviation industry as a whole.

In light of these incidents, United Airlines has faced financial implications as well, attributing a significant hit to their earnings in the first quarter of the year to the mid-flight tire blowout on a rival Alaska Airlines flight. The repercussions of these safety incidents extend beyond just the passengers and crew onboard, impacting the airline’s financial performance.