Unveiling the Global Impact of Ukraine Invasion: One Year Later

One year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, global alliances have been reshaped and fears of a new Cold War have been renewed. While the Kremlin’s actions have been condemned, the question remains whether Russia has already lost the battle for influence in the region.

The West has responded by increasing its support for Ukraine, but the hard right has posed a threat to this assistance. The country has been divided between those who are pro-Russia and those who are pro-West, and the hard right has been vocal in its opposition to a pro-Western Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the people of Ukraine have been left to grapple with the consequences of the invasion. Seven voices have spoken out to reflect on their experiences, with one woman saying, “The day my life was stolen.”

The conflict has been ongoing for one year, but the future of Ukraine remains uncertain. As the West continues to support the country, the Kremlin’s influence in the region is likely to remain under scrutiny.