“UPDATE: Iowa Mayor Reports 2 People Still Trapped in Partially Collapsed Apartment Building as Rescue Efforts Continue”

A partial building collapse in Davenport, Iowa has left the community desperate for answers as two people could still be trapped inside the building. According to Iowa Mayor, three others remain unaccounted for in the partially collapsed apartment building.
Rescue efforts have been underway since the incident occurred, and on Monday, a woman was rescued 24 hours after the collapse.
Officials gave an update on the situation in a live conference that was broadcasted by CBS News.
In the meantime, the Des Moines Register published an opinion piece where the author called for a full explanation before the building is demolished.
The incident has caused concern and worry amongst residents, as they await further news from officials. The situation is ongoing, with authorities urging people to stay away from the area as they work on the rescue mission.
The community hopes that everyone will be safely rescued and that the incident will not repeat itself.