Update: Mamie Laverock on Life Support After Tragic Fall – Donate Now to Help with Recovery

Winnipeg, Canada – Mamie Laverock, a 19-year-old actress recognized for her portrayal of Rosaleen Sullivan in the Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart,” is currently on life support after a tragic fall from a balcony walkway. Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to help support her during this difficult time.

After spending two weeks receiving intensive treatment in the hospital for a medical emergency, Laverock was tragically escorted from a secure hospital unit to a balcony walkway where she fell five stories. She sustained life-threatening injuries, underwent multiple surgeries, and is now reliant on life support, leaving her family devastated and in shock.

Laverock’s mother rushed to Winnipeg, Canada on May 11 to assist her daughter with the medical emergency. Thankfully, she arrived in time to save Laverock’s life and ensure her transfer to a hospital in Vancouver. While the outcome of her recovery remains uncertain, there are signs of improvement and hope for her survival.

The incident where Laverock fell from the balcony occurred on May 26, over two weeks after her initial hospitalization. The specifics of the medical emergency leading to her fall have not been disclosed, leaving many questions unanswered.

To aid in Laverock’s recovery, the GoFundMe fundraiser has amassed over $14,500 as of now. In a show of support, her co-stars from “When Calls the Heart” have taken to social media to boost the fundraiser and encourage others to contribute to help Laverock and her family during this challenging time.

Throughout her acting career, Laverock has appeared in nine episodes of “When Calls the Heart,” as well as in other film and television projects such as “This Means War,” “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” and “The Hollow Child.” Her talent and presence have made her a beloved figure among fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Efforts to reach out to the Hallmark Channel for comment on Laverock’s situation are currently underway, as friends, family, and fans continue to offer their thoughts, prayers, and support for her recovery. The outcome of Laverock’s recovery remains uncertain, but the outpouring of love and assistance from those around her serves as a testament to the impact she has had on those she has worked with and touched throughout her career.