US Citizen Travis Leake Detained on Drug Charges in Moscow: Rock Band Manager Faces Legal Trouble

American musician and rock band manager Travis Leake has been detained in Moscow on drug trafficking charges. According to Russian state media reports, Leake was arrested alongside an unnamed Russian citizen for allegedly attempting to sell drugs in the city.

Leake, who previously worked as a paratrooper in the US Army, is currently being held in custody while investigations continue. The news has come as a shock to many members of the music industry, with Leake’s clients including a number of high-profile rock bands.

Speaking to reporters, Leake’s lawyer stated that he was “fully cooperating with the investigation” and was “confident that he will be able to clear his name”. The lawyer also expressed concerns about Leake’s health and well-being in custody, citing reports of mistreatment and poor conditions.

The US Embassy in Moscow has issued a statement expressing concern over the treatment of Leake and the circumstances of his detention. The embassy has stated that it will be closely monitoring the case and working with Russian authorities to ensure that Leake’s rights are protected.

The arrest of Leake comes amid growing tensions between the US and Russia, with both countries imposing diplomatic sanctions on each other in recent months. It is unclear at this stage whether the case will have any impact on these tensions or on the broader relationship between the two countries.

Leake’s family and colleagues have expressed shock and disbelief at the news, describing him as a talented musician and dedicated professional. They have called for his immediate release and for a fair and transparent investigation into the charges against him.