US Debt Ceiling Deal Set to Clear First Hurdle Despite Hardline Opposition, McCarthy Confident on Debt Vote

The US debt ceiling deal has cleared its first hurdle despite strong opposition from hardline conservatives. The deal, which would raise the limit on how much the US can borrow to pay its bills, was passed through the House of Representatives with a 219-206 vote. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy expressed confidence in the deal’s passage, even in the face of threats from those who want a hardline stance on the issue. The negotiations have been ongoing for weeks, with both parties working to reach a compromise. The deal will now move to the Senate, where it is expected to face further opposition before it can be signed into law. The New York Times has expressed support for the deal, calling for its passage as a necessary step to avoid an economic crisis. Meanwhile, the Hill is reporting that many conservatives are hailing the deal as a minor victory, despite their opposition to the overall proposal.