Vanderpump Rules Reunion: Raquel Leviss Drops Bombshell Confession About Sandoval Cheating Scandal Timeline

The drama continues on the set of Vanderpump Rules as the cast gathers for their reunion special. Raquel Leviss has been at the center of the drama, having revealed a secret about Tom Sandoval that he had hoped to keep hidden. Leviss, who had been on Sandoval’s side in the past, has now turned on him.

Things came to a head during the reunion when Ariana Madix raged at Leviss, accusing her of lying and causing trouble. Leviss, however, stood her ground and defended her actions, saying that she only revealed the truth in order to protect herself.

In a surprising twist, Us Weekly reports that Leviss had also apparently expressed an interest in becoming a part of a “throuple” with Sandoval and Madix. This revelation sent shockwaves through the cast, with some expressing confusion and others feeling betrayed.

As the reunion continues, the on-air drama continues to escalate. Producers have hinted that there is even more to come, with a possible cheating scandal involving Sandoval coming to light. Fans will no doubt be watching closely to see how everything plays out.