Vikings Release Pro Bowl RB Dalvin Cook, Sending Shockwaves through NFL

The Minnesota Vikings shocked the football world today with the release of star running back Dalvin Cook. After being unable to find a trade partner for Cook, the Vikings opted to let him go.

Fans and analysts were left scratching their heads over the decision, with many wondering if there was more to the story. Rich Eisen, host of The Rich Eisen Show, said, “I don’t get it. Cook was one of the best players on that team. It’s a head-scratcher.”

Despite the confusion, one thing is certain: Cook was one of the best running backs in Vikings history. Sports Illustrated called him “one of the Vikings’ best running backs ever.” In his four years with the team, Cook rushed for 4,036 yards and 29 touchdowns.

Many are now speculating about where Cook will land next. listed the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins as potential landing spots for the talented running back.

As for the Vikings, they will need to find a replacement for Cook. ESPN noted that Cook had been selected to the Pro Bowl in each of the past four seasons. Losing him will no doubt be a huge blow to the team.