Warner Bros. Disappointed as ‘Furiosa’ Sees Lowest Memorial Day Opening in 41 Years – What Happened?

Los Angeles, California – The box office numbers for Warner Bros.’ film “Furiosa” over the Memorial Day weekend are causing concern, with projected earnings between $31-35 million. If the film lands at the lower end of this range, it would mark the lowest opening for a Memorial Day movie in 41 years. Despite the anticipation for the George Miller-directed prequel, these numbers are disappointing.

In comparison, if “Furiosa” reaches the higher end of its expected earnings at $35 million, it would still be the lowest Memorial Day weekend opening since 1984. These figures, unadjusted for inflation, are less than impressive for a holiday weekend.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth star in the film, which is facing mixed reviews and lackluster audience reception. Despite efforts by the cast to promote the movie, including engaging with their followers on social media platforms, the overall buzz surrounding “Furiosa” remains subdued.

On the other hand, Alcon/Sony’s “The Garfield Movie” is showing more promising numbers, with Friday-Sunday earnings projected to be around $24 million and a 4-day total of $30-32 million. The family movie, based on the popular comic strip character, is expected to perform better than “Furiosa” during the holiday weekend.

Overall, the box office landscape is reflective of a hesitant return to movie theaters post-pandemic, with audiences still adjusting to the new normal. Despite the presence of multiple films in the market, the success of these releases remains uncertain. The performance of “Furiosa” and “The Garfield Movie” will be closely monitored over the weekend to gauge audience interest and reception.