West Delivers Tanks to Ukraine as North Korea Accuses US of ‘Crossing the Red Line’

The United States is set to deliver 321 tanks to Ukraine in the coming weeks, according to a Western diplomat. The tanks, which are of the Abrams model, have been requested by the Ukrainian government to bolster their defense capabilities in the face of increasing aggression from Russia.

The move has been met with criticism from North Korea, which has accused the US of ‘crossing the red line’ and provoking Russia. The timeline for the delivery of the tanks is also a cause for concern, as the US must supply them in time to meet the Ukrainian government’s demands.

The Russian government has also expressed its disapproval of the move, with many Russians questioning the US’s intentions. Some have argued that the delivery of the tanks is too little, too late and will not be enough to protect Ukraine from Russia.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden is facing a difficult decision over whether to continue to send weapons to Ukraine without provoking Russia. While the US is looking to protect Ukraine, it must also be careful not to risk a further escalation of tensions between the two countries.

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