White House Addresses U.F.O.s and Spy Balloons: Is Wright-Patt’s NASIC Involved?

The White House has addressed the recent reports of unidentified flying objects and spy balloons, saying that they are taking the claims seriously. On Tuesday, NORAD General John Raymond said that nothing should be ruled out when asked about aliens being behind the mysterious objects.

The military has reported an increase in sightings of such objects lately, leading to speculation as to why. Business Insider has reported that these sightings could be attributed to new technology that is able to detect objects in the sky more effectively.

The Dayton Daily News has reported that Wright-Patt’s National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) could be involved in identifying the objects. Some have suggested that federal law requires that NASIC be involved in such investigations.

The White House has promised to investigate the sightings and look into the claims of alien involvement. The public is encouraged to report any sightings of unidentified flying objects.