Winter Storm Grounds Over 1,300 Flights Across US, Threatens Historic Snowfall

A major winter storm is wreaking havoc across the United States, causing over 1,300 flights to be canceled and leaving thousands without power.

According to NBC News, the storm is expected to bring historic snowfall to many parts of the country, and has already caused over 1,000 flights to be canceled. Fox Business reported that nearly 1,000 flights were grounded due to the storm, and thousands of people have been left without power.

CNN reported that more than 1,000 flights were canceled due to the storm, and many areas were hit with heavy snow and ice. The Wall Street Journal reported that the storm has brought heavy snow and ice from California to Maine, and has grounded more than 1,000 flights.

The storm is expected to continue to cause disruption across the country, with many areas still under threat of snow, ice, and high winds. For the latest updates on the storm, view the full coverage on USNN.