Wisconsin Supreme Court General Election: Janet Protasiewicz and Dan Kelly Face Off in High-Stakes Race

The hotly contested Wisconsin Supreme Court general election between Janet Protasiewicz and Dan Kelly is coming to a close today as Wisconsinites head to the polls. This election has been a focal point for the state, with two starkly different candidates vying for the seat.

Janet Protasiewicz is a former state district court judge, who is running on a platform of judicial reform. Meanwhile, Dan Kelly is a former state solicitor general, who has been backed by a super-rich beer family.

The election has been highly contentious, with the two candidates having starkly different views on a variety of issues. Protasiewicz has been vocal about her support for judicial reform, while Kelly has been vocal about his opposition to it.

Despite the contentious nature of the election, voters are urged to cast their ballots today. Voting is the best way to make sure your voice is heard and your opinion is counted.

The results of the Wisconsin Supreme Court general election will be available later tonight. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates.

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