Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary Election 2023: Rich Beer Family Calls the Shots and Urges Voters to Make Their Voices Heard

Today, Wisconsin voters headed to the polls to cast their ballots in the high-stakes State Supreme Court primary election. This election is drawing national attention due to the immense amount of money and influence that is being poured into the race.

The Uihlein family, owners of the Milwaukee-based beer company MillerCoors, have been leading the charge in terms of campaign financing. Through their network of political action committees, they have contributed millions of dollars to the campaign of their preferred candidate, Brian Hagedorn.

The Hagedorn campaign has also been bolstered by the support of several prominent conservative figures, including the former governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. The race has become a major focal point for the Republican party and the conservative movement as a whole.

The other candidate in the race is Lisa Neubauer, who has also seen a large influx of support from national groups. Neubauer has been endorsed by several prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama.

Today’s election is seen as a major test for the Wisconsin Republican party and the state’s conservative movement. It is also seen as a referendum on the power of the Uihlein family and their influence in the state.

Regardless of the outcome, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court primary election is sure to have far-reaching implications for the state and the nation. As the polls close, it is important to remember the importance of voting and the power of the people to shape the future of their state.