Witness Alex Murdaugh’s Testimony in the Explosive Murder Trial: Live Coverage

Alex Murdaugh, a murder defendant, is currently on the stand testifying in his trial. Murdaugh is accused of shooting his wife and son in a tragic incident last December.

Murdaugh took the stand on February 24th and has been answering questions from the prosecution. In his testimony, Murdaugh denied shooting his wife or son, saying that he was not the one responsible for their deaths.

In addition to his testimony, Murdaugh has been referring to his deceased son as “paw-paw,” which has been getting a lot of attention. It is unclear if this is part of a defense strategy or simply a way to cope with the tragedy.

The trial is ongoing and can be streamed live on News 19 WLTX. For more information, visit the USNN page for complete coverage.