“Worm Moon lights up the night sky: Everything you need to know about this herald of spring”

Worm Moon Lights Up Louisville Night Sky

Louisville, KY – Sky gazers in Louisville were treated to a bright and beautiful display last night as the Worm Moon, also known as the Full Moon of March, lit up the nighttime sky.

The Worm Moon is named after the earthworms which begin to emerge from the soil during the month of March. It is also known as the Crow Moon, the Sap Moon, or the Sugar Moon, depending on the Native American tribe.

According to WLKY Louisville, the best time to view the Worm Moon in Louisville was around 8:50 pm on Monday, March 8th. Earth.com reports that the Worm Moon marks the beginning of spring and is a time for renewal and new growth.

CNN notes that the Worm Moon is also known as a Supermoon, meaning it appears larger and brighter in the sky because it is at its closest distance to Earth during its orbit.

But it wasn’t just Louisville that got to witness the Worm Moon’s beauty. Fox Weather shared dazzling images from across the country of the Worm Moon’s progression across the night sky.

And for those who are curious about the significance of the Worm Moon, The Tab has explained that the name comes from Native American folklore, where each full moon is given a name to mark the changing of the seasons and the natural world.

No matter what you call it, the Worm Moon is a stunning reminder of the beauty and mystery of the universe.