X CEO Counters Ad Boycott Controversy: Only 2 Authentic Users Saw Ads Next to Antisemitic Content

NEW YORK (AP) — Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, took to the social media platform to call on users to stand by the company after several media companies pulled their advertising dollars following reports of antisemitic posts being served next to their ads.

Yaccarino shared data on X, alleging that only a handful of people saw the antisemitic campaigns. “Not a single authentic user on X saw IBM’s, Comcast’s, or Oracle’s ads next to the content in Media Matters’ article. Only 2 users saw Apple’s ad next to the content, at least one of which was Media Matters,” Yaccarino posted. “Data wins over manipulation or allegations. Don’t be manipulated. Stand with X.”

Earlier on the same day, Yaccarino had addressed “detractors and fabricated distractions” in another post on X. “What we’re doing at X matters and has everyone’s attention. I believe deeply in our vision, our team, and our community,” she said. “I’m also deeply committed to the truth and there is no other team on earth working as hard as the teams at X. When you’re this consequential, there will be detractors and fabricated distractions, but we’re unwavering in our mission. Thank you for standing with us!”

Yaccarino’s posts come as advertisers have distanced themselves from X after a Media Matters report alleged that ads were being served next to white supremacist and pro-Nazi posts. Media companies like Apple, IBM, Disney, Comcast, Paramount, and Lionsgate have paused their advertising spending on the social media platform.

The pushback from advertisers has put X in a difficult position as it seeks to regain trust and assure users and advertisers of the platform’s commitment to addressing the issue. The company’s response to the crisis will be crucial in determining its future relationship with both users and advertisers. The impact of the controversy on X’s stock and revenue remains to be seen.