Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Price Hike Alert! Microsoft Plans New Subscription Option

Seattle, WA – Microsoft announced plans to increase the pricing of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription in September, coinciding with the launch of a new “standard” subscription tier that does not offer day-one access to first-party Xbox games. Subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate received notification of the upcoming price hike to $19.99 per month, starting on September 12th, which is a $3 increase from the current $16.99 per month rate.

In addition to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price increase, PC Game Pass subscribers will also see a price adjustment in September, rising from $9.99 to $11.99 per month while still retaining access to day-one game releases. Microsoft provides a comprehensive list of international price changes for those outside the US affected by these adjustments.

These price changes precede the addition of highly anticipated titles like “Call of Duty: Black Ops 6” to the Game Pass service later this year. The increase primarily impacts Ultimate subscribers, with the last price hike occurring more than a year ago.

To offer more subscription options, Microsoft will introduce a new Xbox Game Pass Standard subscription at $14.99 per month for new users, excluding day-one titles. Existing Xbox Game Pass for console subscribers will retain their current subscription, but new subscribers will only have access to the Standard option once it becomes available.

The new Standard subscription also includes online console multiplayer access, a feature previously absent from the Xbox Game Pass for Console. Existing subscribers will have a cap of 13 months for stacking subscriptions starting September 18th, with no impact on current stacks.

Speculations about an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price increase emerged in May, coinciding with discussions regarding adding “Call of Duty” to the service. The decision to adjust the pricing aligns with Microsoft’s move to officially incorporate Activision’s “Call of Duty” series into Game Pass, reflecting expectations within the gaming community.