YouTube users on Firefox waiting 5 seconds per video load – reason why will surprise you!

San Francisco, CA – YouTube viewers using Firefox or Edge have reported a delay of around five seconds when trying to load videos, as opposed to those using Chrome. Shared screen recordings on Reddit and other online forums illustrate how the screen goes blank for a short period when clicking on a YouTube video before the page loads. However, reports from reputable sources like Android Authority and 404media were unable to replicate this delay, and no noticeable loading time differences were observed while accessing YouTube on different browsers.

Code found by some YCombinator and Reddit posters indicates that YouTube has implemented an anti-adblocker mechanism causing the delays. While the snippet of code is unclear, Google has confirmed implementing a system meant to urge viewers to uninstall ad blockers. The company states that users with ad blockers installed “may experience suboptimal viewing” regardless of which browser they use.

In an effort to support content creators and provide ad-free viewing, YouTube has initiated measures to encourage viewers with ad blockers to allow ads or try YouTube Premium. This crackdown on ad blockers has led to elevated uninstallations, prompting speculation about the impact on YouTube Premium subscriptions.

YouTube’s aggressive stance against ad blockers has resulted in increased uninstallations, but its effect on YouTube Premium subscriptions remains unconfirmed. The company continues to implement measures to strike a balance between supporting creators and providing a seamless viewing experience for its users.