YouTube 12 Surprising Tricks Used by NFL Rookies You’ve Never Seen Before!

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — During Monday night’s game, rookie Jalen Carter made an impressive, yet wild attempt to intercept a spike from Patrick Mahomes, almost pulling off an interception between the legs of the center before Harrison Butker could make a field goal. Although the Eagles eventually won the game 21-17, Carter’s daring move caught the attention of his teammates, who had never seen a play like that before. Carter later revealed that he got the idea from a YouTube video featuring a high school kid successfully pulling off the same interception.

Carter’s teammates were surprised by his bold move, with defensive end Josh Sweat expressing amusement at the unusual play. Despite coming close to a memorable interception, Carter had a relatively quiet game in terms of statistics, with three combined tackles. However, he has consistently shown promise throughout the season, with 4 sacks and 5 tackles for loss.

The Eagles’ No. 9 overall pick, Jalen Carter, has had a stellar rookie season, contributing significantly to the team’s performance. Although he didn’t manage to secure an interception in Monday night’s game, his audacious attempt has left a lasting impression. Looking ahead, Carter’s teammates are optimistic about his potential as he continues to make valuable contributions on the field.

In conclusion, Jalen Carter’s daring interception attempt during Monday night’s game caught the attention of football fans and his teammates. Despite not securing the interception, Carter’s fearlessness and energy have been a valuable asset to the Eagles this season, and the team looks forward to his continued growth and success.