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Massive Crypto Empire Fraud: Sam Bankman-Fried’s Shocking Scandal Revealed

Carl Nightbridge

Software executive Sam Bankman-Fried is being accused by prosecutors of orchestrating a campaign-finance fraud in order to gain favorable treatment …


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Fatal Shooting Claims Life of 23-Year-Old Man in East Oakland: Investigation Underway

Carl Nightbridge

Oakland, California – A 23-year-old man was fatally shot and a 17-year-old boy was injured …

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Tragic Weekend in Chicago: 4 Killed, Including a 7-Year-Old Boy, in String of Shootings Across the City

Carl Nightbridge

CHICAGO (AP) – A weekend of violence in Chicago left four people dead and dozens …

Government Shutdown Averted: Tesla Deliveries Due – How Will it Impact Dow Jones Futures?

Carl Nightbridge

Bloomberg – Washington D.C., USA: The U.S. Congress managed to prevent a government shutdown, but …

Headline: “Saudi Arabian Government’s Rampant Abuses at Home and Abroad Continue to Go Unchecked, Five Years After Jamal Khashoggi’s Gruesome Murder”

Carl Nightbridge

ISTANBUL, Turkey – It has been five years since the heinous murder of Saudi journalist …

Exclusive: Apple Acknowledges iPhone 15 Overheating Issue – Software Update and Fixes Incoming!

Carl Nightbridge

Cupertino, California – Apple has acknowledged that some of its new iPhone models, the iPhone …

Man Sentenced to 87 Months in Federal Prison for Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Carl Nightbridge

ADA, OKLAHOMA – A man from Pontotoc County in Oklahoma has received an 87-month prison …

Exclusive: Google Pixel 8 Unboxing Video Reveals Stunning Design Details!

Carl Nightbridge

New York, NY – As the highly anticipated Google Pixel 8 launch draws closer, new …

Priest Found Murdered and Idols Missing in Prayagraj Temple Tragedy

Carl Nightbridge

Prayagraj, India – A shocking murder has rocked the community near the Ram Janki temple …

GRIZZLY BEAR ATTACK: Couple and Dog Fatally Killed in Canada’s Banff National Park, Officials Euthanize Aggressive Animal

Carl Nightbridge

BANFF NATIONAL PARK, CANADA – A couple and their dog were tragically killed in an …

Tragic Quadruple Shooting Leaves Three Dead Inside Philadelphia Home

Carl Nightbridge

PHILADELPHIA – Gunfire erupted inside a home in Philadelphia early Monday morning, resulting in four …

Playoff Bracket and Predictions: CBS Sports Experts Choose Braves as World Series Champions

Carl Nightbridge

New York, NY – Major League Baseball’s postseason is just around the corner, with the …

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BREAKING: Turkey Launches Air Strikes and Detains Suspects After Ankara Bombing

ISTANBUL, Oct 2 – Turkey has launched air strikes on militant targets in northern Iraq …

Jacksonville Man Convicted of Raping and Killing Niece Receives Life Sentence

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville man convicted of raping and killing his 16-year-old niece will …