24 people shot in deadly Akron mass shooting

AKRON, OH – Akron was rocked by tragedy early Sunday when a mass shooting claimed the life of one person and injured 24, prompting intensity in both law enforcement response and the community’s call for justice. In the aftermath of gunfire that erupted around Kelly Ave. and 8th Ave. just after midnight, Akron’s police and city leadership are urging witnesses to step forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

The distressing incident overwhelmed local emergency services as 911 calls flooded in, signaling an urgent need for intervention. Police officers quickly descended on the scene, soon joined by reports from various hospitals admitting victims of the incident.

Authorities, including Akron Mayor Shammas Malik and Police Chief Brian Harding, have not yet identified any suspects but vowed to relentlessly pursue those behind the violent outbreak. They stressed the importance of community cooperation, emphasizing the option for people to confidentially contribute valuable information regarding the shooting.

“A grave incident like this shocks the conscience of our city,” said Mayor Malik and Chief Harding in a joint announcement. “The eyes of an entire community are glaringly set on bringing these individuals to account, and we urge our community members to help us in this critical task.”

Medical facilities in the vicinity were immediately beset by the wave of casualties. Cleveland Clinic Akron General treated seven gunshot victims, with hospital representatives reporting one patient in a precarious critical state. Summa Health System-Akron Campus was even more swamped as 15 patients required urgent attention for injuries sustained during the shooting. Tragically, one of them was declared dead upon arrival, and another continues to fight for life amidst critical injuries.

The reality of this violent event has sent shockwaves through Akron. Offering their sympathy, local hospital spokesperson Mike Bernstein said, “We’re doing all we can to attend to those affected. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families during this extremely distressing time.”

Concurrently, the city’s leadership acknowledged the widespread impact of the shooting on Akron’s residents. “Today our city mourns, united by the harrowing effects of an inexplicably violent act. Our focus is on supporting the victims and their families as we confront this calamity,” expressed Malik and Harding. They further clarified that ongoing efforts are devoted to piecing together what triggered the tumultuous incident as well as detaining those culpable.

The Akron Police Department, with backing from higher levels of law enforcement, endures the task of meticulously unraveling the circumstances of the shooting. With the investigation running its course, the city braces for answers and justice in light of an occasion that has cast a grim shadow over the community.