37 Million T-Mobile Customers Hacked: Here’s What We Know

T-Mobile has confirmed that their systems have been breached by hackers, resulting in data from 37 million customers being stolen. This is a major security breach, and T-Mobile is working hard to investigate the source of the attack and determine what data was taken.

The data stolen includes customer names, phone numbers, email addresses, and account numbers. T-Mobile has stated that financial information, such as credit card numbers, were not affected. However, customers are still advised to be wary of any suspicious activity on their accounts.

T-Mobile is asking customers to take steps to protect their accounts and has set up a website to provide more information and resources. They are also offering free credit monitoring services for those affected.

This security breach is a major issue for T-Mobile, and the company is working hard to address the issue and ensure that customer data is secure. Customers should remain vigilant and take steps to protect their accounts.