82-year-old mother murdered by her son who hides her body under the couch

HOLLAND, PA – An elderly woman’s life came to a tragic end when her body was discovered buried beneath a sofa in her own home in Holland, Pennsylvania. Police allege that the 82-year-old’s son, after stealing her vehicle, assaulted police officers in a separate incident in Washington, D.C.

Bucks County prosecutors have reported that the 49-year-old son, William Michael Ingram, was apprehended in the nation’s capital after he allegedly engaged in a nude altercation with police, during which he declared he had killed his mother, Dolores Ingram.

Authorities in Holland were alerted to the situation on Father’s Day after receiving information from the Metropolitan Police Department in D.C. about Ingram’s arrest. Upon investigating his mother’s condo in the Village Shires community, located on Beacon Hill Drive, a blood-stained crime scene unfolded before the detectives’ eyes.

The initial visual sweep of the condo revealed a disturbing scene with bloody handprints and disheveled furniture. Diving deeper, officers discovered an unsettling pile in the living room. Underneath a mound of household items and a sofa, the lifeless body of Dolores Ingram was found.

Court documents detailed the chilling discovery, noting the cold touch of the uncovered foot, clearly belonging to the deceased. As the investigation proceeded, testimonies from neighbors like Michelle, who reported noises and suspicious activity caught on a security camera, added to the sequence of events leading up to the arrest of William Ingram.

Before being taken into custody in Washington, D.C., Ingram was seen fleeing his mother’s condo shirtless, later departing with a bag and driving away in her Honda Civic. His charges in Pennsylvania extend beyond the heinous suspected homicide; they include theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and receiving stolen property.

While Ingram remains detained in D.C., the Bucks County community grapples with the shocking incident, awaiting further details from the autopsy report to shed light on the full scope of the alleged domestic atrocity.

Neighbors have expressed their disbelief at such an act occurring in their typically tranquil neighborhood. Dolores Ingram was remembered by one local resident, Brandon Garrett, as a woman who enjoyed tending to her flowers outside her home.

The ongoing investigation by local authorities aims to unravel the disturbing details of this case, as they await the extradition of William Ingram to face justice in Pennsylvania.