96-year-old woman beaten, not fed, in dirty diapers; 68-year-old daughter arrested

HIALEAH, FL – A Hialeah woman has been arrested and charged for allegedly neglecting and abusing her 96-year-old mother. Elizabeth Benavides, 68, stands accused of inflicting physical harm upon the elderly victim and failing to provide her with the basic necessities of care.

Law enforcement officials detained Benavides on Saturday, and she was subsequently booked into Miami-Dade County Jail. Following her arrest, she managed to secure her release by posting a $15,000 bond.

According to authorities, Benavides neglected to feed her mother or change her diapers. Other residents in the building reportedly cared for the elderly woman when her daughter did not. Additionally, neighbors were said to have heard screams emanating from the apartment during the night, and they observed bruises on the senior woman’s body that were inconsistent with Benavides’ claims that the injuries resulted from a fall.

In the investigation, it was revealed that the elderly woman had allegedly been administered high doses of sleeping medication by her daughter. The situation escalated to the point where other relatives, upon discovering the woman’s bruised condition, alerted law enforcement, resulting in the victim being taken to a hospital for recovery.

Elizabeth Benavides had reportedly been her mother’s caregiver since 2022. Her legal proceedings are ongoing, with her next court appearance set for June 24.