Academy Scrutinizes Oscar Campaigns After Andrea Riseborough’s Shock Nomination

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is conducting a review of its Oscar campaigns rules after the surprise nomination of Andrea Riseborough for her performance in the film “To Leslie.”

The nomination of Riseborough, a British actress, for a Best Actress Oscar has been seen as a shock to many in the film industry. Her nomination has reportedly sparked scrutiny of the Academy’s rules on campaigning for Oscar nominations.

The review comes after Reuters reported that the Academy is “reviewing Oscar campaigns after the surprise nomination.” The Washington Post reported that Riseborough’s nomination was “a surprise to many in the film industry.”

People reported that the Academy is “conducting a review of Oscars rules after Andrea Riseborough’s nomination.” The A.V. Club reported that the Academy is “now ‘conducting a review’ of Andrea Riseborough’s To Leslie nomination.”

Yahoo News reported that Riseborough’s shock Oscar nomination has reportedly sparked Academy scrutiny.

The review of the Academy’s rules is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. It is unclear what changes, if any, will be made to the rules.