Amazon Workers Stage Walkout in Seattle Headquarters Over Return-to-Work Mandate

Amazon workers across the country are standing up against company policies that they say are endangering their health and undermining their trust in the company’s leadership. From Seattle to New York and beyond, employees are staging walkouts and protests in response to Amazon’s return-to-work mandate and reluctance to address climate change concerns.

In Seattle, where Amazon’s headquarters are located, hundreds of corporate workers walked out on Monday to demand that the company prioritize worker safety and shift to a more sustainable business model. The walkout follows a similar protest last week by Amazon warehouse workers in Sacramento, California, who walked off the job to protest unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Amazon workers plan to hold a rally on Wednesday to protest the company’s lack of transparency and unwillingness to negotiate with employees over safety and climate issues. Workers are demanding that Amazon provide better protective gear, increase paid time off, and discontinue its “punitive and retaliatory practices” against employees who speak out about safety and environmental concerns.

The protests reflect growing frustration among Amazon workers over their treatment by the company, which has been criticized in recent years for its treatment of warehouse employees and for its environmental impact. As more workers speak out about these issues, Amazon will likely face increasing pressure to address employee concerns and put in place policies that prioritize safety and sustainability.