“Amidst escalating tensions, Ukraine intensifies attacks on Russian frontline positions in the east” – The New York Times reports

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate as both sides accuse the other of launching major attacks. On Wednesday, Russia accused Ukraine of attacking its frontline positions, while Kyiv accused Moscow of spreading misinformation.

The New York Times reports that Ukraine intensified its attacks on Russian frontline positions, resulting in the death of at least one Ukrainian soldier. The report also suggests that Russia has been taking steps to prepare for a potential conflict, including the movement of troops and military equipment near the border.

CNN provided live updates on Russia’s war in Ukraine, with reports of heavy military activity and clashes in the region. The Wall Street Journal reported that Russia accused Ukraine of launching attacks on the front lines, while NBC News reported that a major attack had taken place in the east.

The ongoing conflict has continued to put a strain on relations between Russia and Ukraine, with both sides accusing the other of escalating the situation. With tensions continuing to rise, many fear that further violence and conflict could be on the horizon.