Amtrak Shuts Down Services Between New York and Boston Due to Power Outage Chaos

New York City, NY – Amtrak has announced the suspension of all train services between New York Penn Station and Boston South Station on Saturday due to power outage issues. The company reported a malfunctioning circuit breaker causing a widespread power outage along its tracks, affecting travel between Penn Station and New Haven Union Station in Connecticut. Passengers with impacted train tickets will be accommodated on alternative trains or another day, with Amtrak waiving additional charges for ticket changes.

Amtrak initially stated all services were suspended until further notice earlier on Saturday morning, attributing the halt to the power problem. Delays and cancellations were already occurring, and disruptions continued throughout the day, leading to the cancellation of trips that were expected to resume by noon. However, as the day progressed, Amtrak continued to cancel services originating from Boston, aiming to resume operations by 3 p.m.

The power outage and subsequent service disruptions come as a record number of travelers are expected to be on the move for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. According to AAA, over 71 million people are anticipated to travel over the long weekend, a significant increase from pre-pandemic levels. Of those travelers, more than 4.6 million are expected to utilize trains, buses, and cruises for their holiday plans.

Amtrak has assured customers that it will provide updates as new information becomes available regarding the power outage and the resumption of train services. Passengers are encouraged to monitor Amtrak’s website for the latest service alerts and accommodations for impacted travelers. The company is working diligently to address the power issue and minimize disruptions for passengers traveling between New York and Boston.