Animal Abuse Epidemic Calls for Stricter Laws and Collective Action, Say Bollywood Stars

New Delhi, India – Animal abuse has become a mounting concern, with numerous cases going unreported. Prominent animal advocates like John Abraham, Sunny Leone, and Jacqueliene Fernandez are speaking out, calling for stronger legislation to protect our four-legged companions.

From February to May, a series of disturbing incidents involving animal abuse have come to light, ranging from animals being run over, thrown from heights, starved, beaten, to being exploited for entertainment purposes. The most recent incident occurred in a residential area in Greater Noida, where a stray dog was callously thrown from the 15th floor of a building, causing outrage among residents.

Renowned Bollywood actor John Abraham, who is a devoted pet parent to Sia and Bailey, emphasized the urgent need for action against cruelty towards animals. He stressed the importance of unity in reporting instances of abuse and supporting grassroots organizations dedicated to animal rights.

Calling for stricter laws and harsh penalties for offenders, Abraham urged governments to take a firm stance against perpetrators. He emphasized the significance of education programs to instill empathy and respect for all living creatures in society.

In India, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, outlines penalties for animal cruelty, although enforcement of these laws remains inconsistent, leading to many cases going unreported. Actress Sunny Leone also expressed her concern over the rising incidents of animal abuse, calling for stringent laws and collective action from individuals to report cruelty to authorities.

Emphasizing the importance of teaching empathy to children from a young age, Leone highlighted the role of parents and educators in shaping future generations who value kindness towards all beings. Actress Jacqueliene Fernandez echoed similar sentiments, stressing the power of individuals to advocate for animal rights and urging government intervention in enacting legislation to protect animals.

Activist Sachin Bangera from PETA India underscored the importance of collaboration with law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend those responsible for harming animals. By working together to hold abusers accountable for their actions, he emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to combat animal cruelty effectively.