Anthony Waldron Sends Disgusting Message to Prosecutor Expecting Child: “I hope your child comes out f**ked up”

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Courtney Venditte, a prosecutor in Oswego, New York, faced disturbing comments from Anthony Waldron, whom she had prosecuted for murder. Waldron’s remarks, including a particularly vile statement about Venditte’s unborn child, deeply affected her. After a challenging trial, with Venditte and her husband Caleb Petzoldt both serving as assistant district attorneys in the case, they sat down for an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 9 to share their thoughts on the trial and its outcome.

During the interview, Venditte and Petzoldt revealed that Waldron’s comments offered a glimpse into his true character, as well as his views on his victim, Jordan. The couple shared their reflections on the trial, highlighting how deeply they were impacted by the evidence and testimonies presented in court.

Although Venditte and Petzoldt were not able to share Waldron’s comments with the jury, they were able to present evidence that shed light on Jordan’s deteriorating condition leading up to his death. Jordan’s regression, as evidenced by a series of photos taken between 2020 and 2021, painted a devastating picture of a once-healthy teen’s decline. The couple emphasized the heart-wrenching nature of the case, underlining the missed opportunities for intervention that could have potentially saved Jordan’s life.

Following the jurors’ swift guilty verdict for Waldron, who is set to be sentenced in December, the devastating impact of the case continues to resonate, with Jordan’s mother, Lisa Waldron, having already pleaded guilty. The trial has shed light on the heartbreaking circumstances that led to Jordan’s tragic death, leaving a lasting impact on the community and the legal system.

Jordan died on May 9, 2021, as a result of sepsis and malnutrition, marking the tragic end of a life cut short by neglect and mistreatment. As the community grapples with the aftermath of this heart-wrenching case, the hope for justice remains a beacon of light amidst the darkness left by Jordan’s untimely passing.