Armed robbers swarm Missouri wedding and shoot groom in the head

ST. LOUIS, MO – In a devastating turn of events during a wedding celebration in the backyard of their St. Louis home, a groom was critically wounded by gunfire. Two armed assailants with masked faces disrupted the event late in the night, creating terror among the attendees.

In the quiet of the night, with the wedding in full swing, the men invaded the property, brandishing guns at the partygoers. Amidst the chaos, the groom, Manuel Gonzalez, was shot in the head. Present at the event were the couple’s young children, though there was no immediate indication of injury to them.

Relatives describe Gonzalez as a dedicated father and husband, as well as a hardworking individual who was warmly regarded in the community. His sister-in-law Yaribeth Peña lamented the cruel misfortune that befell the family man, emphasizing that he was undeserving of such a violent act.

It is believed by the family that the attack was a robbery attempt gone awry. According to them, the assailants did not abscond with any valuables, even after menacing the guests and rifling through their pockets.

As of now, St. Louis authorities are actively seeking the perpetrators, who managed to elude capture at the wedding by escaping on foot. The investigation is ongoing, with local law enforcement urging anyone with information to come forward.

Funds are being raised to support Gonzalez’s recovery through a GoFundMe campaign, detailing his critical condition and the sudden burden on the family. As the community reels from the shock, the family clings to hope for Gonzalez’s recovery while justice for this violent act remains to be served.