Armie Hammer Breaks Silence After 2 Years of Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Cancellation Culture Allegations

Armie Hammer has broken his silence in a new interview with Rolling Stone, two years after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him.

The actor spoke candidly about the scandal, saying, “I’m here to own my mistakes.” He also discussed how he has been trying to move forward and “make amends.”

In a separate interview with PEOPLE, Hammer spoke out for the first time since the sexual abuse scandal, saying that he “made a lot of mistakes” and that he was “trying to be better.”

Yahoo Entertainment reported that Hammer spoke out two years after sexual misconduct allegations, saying that he was “trying to learn and grow” from the experience.

Insider reported that Hammer weighed in on Robert Downey Jr.’s experience with the “woke-mob” of cancel culture, saying that he was “able to overcome it.”

Finally, Air Mail reported that Hammer had his first interview since the cannibalism scandal, where he discussed his attempts to make amends and move forward.

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