Asia Markets Wrap Up 1-Pix: China Stocks Surge, Wall Street Gains as Fed Week Begins

Global markets were mixed on Monday as investors weighed the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting and the return of major Chinese markets from a week-long holiday.

Asian shares were largely cagey as investors watched for signs of rate hikes and earnings reports. Chinese stocks surged after the week-long holiday, with some analysts predicting the market will enter a bull market on the return.

However, Asian stocks sank as the week began, with the Chinese markets reopening strong. This weighed on global markets, especially as the Federal Reserve is set to meet this week. Investors are watching for any signs of rate hikes, which could have a major impact on global markets.

Overall, global markets remain cautious as investors wait to see what the Fed meeting will bring, as well as the impact of the Chinese markets on the global economy.

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