“ASUS and AMD Team Up to Revolutionize Gaming with RAM in the CPU and Open FSR”

Computer hardware manufacturers are making big strides in the industry. ASUS recently announced a new technology that prevents corrosion on their motherboards, RAM is now being integrated into CPUs, and AMD has opened up their FSR technology to the public.

ASUS unveiled their new corrosion-resistant technology that is designed to protect motherboards from wear and tear. The company said they have been working on this technology for several years and are excited to finally bring it to the market. The technology is expected to be available on all ASUS motherboards within the next few months.

Intel and AMD have both announced that RAM will now be integrated into their CPUs. This will allow for faster data transfer speeds and better performance. Both companies have also announced that their CPUs will be able to support up to 128GB of RAM.

Finally, AMD has decided to open up their FSR technology to the public. FSR stands for Frame Rate Scaling and is a technology that allows gamers to adjust the frame rate of their games. This will allow gamers to customize their gaming experience and get the most out of their hardware.

These announcements are sure to excite computer hardware enthusiasts and gamers alike. ASUS, Intel, and AMD are all working hard to bring the best technology to the market and these announcements are proof of that. With these new technologies, gamers and hardware enthusiasts can expect even better performance and more customization options.