Bam Margera’s Estranged Wife Files for Legal Separation: What We Know So Far

It looks like Bam Margera and his wife, Nicole Boyd, are heading for a legal separation. According to Page Six, Boyd has filed for legal separation from the Jackass alum.

TMZ reports that the separation was prompted by a non-sober visit from Margera. Boyd’s filing reportedly includes a request for physical custody of their son, Phoenix Wolf.

This isn’t the first time Margera has been married. Sportskeeda reports that the reality star has been married three times. His first wife was Melissa Rothstein, whom he married in 2007. He then married Nicole Boyd in 2013 and finally, in 2019, he married Nikki Boyd.

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd have been married since 2013 and have one son together. Entertainment Tonight reports that Boyd has filed for legal separation from the Jackass alum and is seeking physical custody of their son.

It looks like the couple’s split is now official. View Full Coverage on USNN for the latest updates on this story.