“Bay Area Residents in Awe of Historic Snowstorm: Photos Show Rare Sights at Beaches and Hollywood Sign”

Residents of the Bay Area were treated to a rare winter storm this week, with snow blanketing the area for two days. On the second day of the snowstorm, residents of all ages were awestruck by the sight of snow in the Bay Area.

The snowstorm brought with it some unique sights, including snow at beaches and the Hollywood Sign. In Berkeley, several inches of snow covered the hills, creating a picturesque landscape.

The snow wasn’t all fun and games, however. About 200 cars were trapped on a Bay Area road due to snow and ice, and road closures caused by the weather caused traffic delays throughout the area.

Despite these issues, the snowstorm was a beautiful sight for many Bay Area residents. Photos showed the area blanketed in snow, a historic sight for the area.

The snow is expected to clear up soon, but for now, residents of the Bay Area are enjoying the rare winter wonderland.