Bear Attack: Arizona Teen Escapes With Scratches – Miracle or Luck?

ALPINE, AZ – An Arizona mother in Alpine is expressing gratitude after her teenage son narrowly escaped a frightening encounter with a black bear in their family cabin. Carol Edington Hawkins recounted how her 15-year-old son, Brigham, was lounging in the cabin when the bear unexpectedly entered through the front door, leaving him with scratches on his face and arm. The incident, which occurred on a Thursday evening, took the family by surprise, with Hawkins describing their disbelief over the whole ordeal.

Brigham’s brother, Parker, rushed to his aid upon hearing his screams, initially mistaking the bear for a large dog. As the bear began to pursue Parker, Brigham managed to shut himself inside the cabin for safety. Hawkins detailed how her husband bravely confronted the bear, allowing authorities from the Arizona Game and Fish Department to intervene and eliminate the immediate threat posed by the animal.

Following the bear’s removal, Hawkins updated that her son was receiving medical attention and precautionary rabies shots. She mentioned the possibility that the bear may have been driven by hunger, but stressed that its behavior was abnormal. Reflecting on the incident, Hawkins credited her older son’s quick thinking and the swift response of wildlife officers for preventing a potential tragedy.

In Arizona, bear encounters are not unheard of, with data from the Game and Fish Department indicating a history of such incidents. Despite the rarity of fatal attacks, recent events in other states underscore the importance of caution when encountering wildlife.

The resilient response of the individuals involved in these incidents serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of interactions between humans and animals, highlighting the need for continued vigilance in bear country. As the family recuperates from the harrowing experience, they remain grateful for the outcome and hopeful for a speedy recovery for Brigham.