“Biden Falls During Air Force Commencement Ceremony, VIDEO Goes Viral”

In a moment that is likely to go down in history, President Joe Biden took a tumble during the Air Force graduation ceremony at the US Air Force Academy. Videos of the incident show the president losing his footing while descending a set of stairs on stage. Though he quickly regained his footing and continued on, the incident left many in the audience concerned for the president’s safety.

The fall happened just as the president was handing out diplomas to the graduates. Despite the incident, Biden managed to finish his duties and deliver a commencement address that praised the graduates for their commitment to service.

In the aftermath of the fall, some are questioning whether the president is in good enough health to continue taking on the demands of the presidency. Others are simply relieved that he wasn’t more seriously injured. Whatever the case, the incident is sure to be talked about for weeks to come.

In other news, President Biden has departed for Colorado as the debt ceiling faces House, according to WION Shorts. No word yet on whether the president’s fall will affect his travel plans.