Biden on Handling of Classified Documents: ‘Nothing There’, DOJ Not Taking It Seriously

In the wake of recent reports of a classified document investigation involving Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, the former vice president has spoken out on the matter.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Biden said, “There’s no there there.” He added that he has “no regrets” over how he has handled the discovery of the documents.

The Secret Service is reportedly preparing to provide visitors to Biden’s Delaware home with additional security measures in response to the investigation.

Analysis from The New York Times suggests that the incident should not be compared to President Donald Trump’s recent alleged missteps, as the two cases have very different implications.

Meanwhile, Newsweek has argued that the Department of Justice should take the Biden investigation more seriously, given the gravity of the situation.

The public awaits further developments in the classified document investigation, as the Biden campaign continues to deny any wrongdoing.