Bison Defends Territory and Sends 83-Year-Old Woman to Hospital – Yellowstone National Park Incident Shocking News!

GREENVILLE, SC – An 83-year-old woman visiting Yellowstone National Park sustained severe injuries after being attacked by a wild bison, officials reported. The incident occurred at the park on June 1, when the bison approached the woman, lifting her off the ground with its horns.

The National Park Service stated that the bison appeared to be defending its territory during the encounter, causing the woman to suffer significant harm.

Following the incident, emergency responders at the park transported the injured woman to the Lake Medical Clinic. From there, she was airlifted to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for further treatment. Although officials confirmed the woman’s injuries as serious, they did not provide specifics regarding her current condition.

The attack took place near the Storm Point Trail by Yellowstone Lake, according to the National Park Service. The agency advised all park visitors to maintain a safe distance from wildlife if they approach and to follow safety guidelines at all times. Specifically, individuals are urged to stay at least 25 yards away from large animals like bison, elk, and deer, while maintaining a 100-yard distance from bears and wolves.

Officials emphasized that bison in Yellowstone have caused more injuries to visitors than any other animal in the park, highlighting their unpredictable nature. Despite being generally non-aggressive, bison will defend themselves if threatened, as noted by the agency. National Park Service emphasized the importance of respecting wildlife and staying informed about safety regulations while observing animals from a safe distance.